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22 FB vs Tim Long

Simpsons Writer Tim Long joins us in the Bellpod for a very interesting conversation about going from small town Canadian, to head writer for David Letterman, and eventually the iconic Simpsons. 

We also have a now very dated Sochi Olympics sketch. You're welcome.  


Special guest host: Rob Sheridan

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Flying Bellevilles are back for season #3! Special Guest Rob Sheridan shows us how NOT to do our hit segment "What Are You Nuts." We also talk about balancing life with work, using bees to fight traffic, and slightly haunted houses.

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From Kids in the Hall, to Saturday Night Live, to one of the most prolific television writers around, Mark McKinney joins the guys in the Bellpod.  We talk comedy, SNL, Popes, and more!  

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This week the guys have a great conversation with the very funny comics comic, Andy Kindler. Although known by some for his appearances on Letterman, or Everybody Loves Raymond, for comics he is best known for his yearly roast of the comedy industry at Just for Laughs. We talk about what Andy finds funny. When are things too far? Louis CK. Seth Macfarlane and more.

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Lauren is a very busy lady. She got her is an alumni of Second City Chicago, and Toronto, and has become on of the countries top comedy performers. Star of Scare Tactics, as well as the Bellevilles own tv show Almost Heroes. We talk about one of the worst pilot seasons ever, that ended up landing her one of the hottest new shows in LA. A must listen episode!  In other news, I like sandwiches! 

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Matt Baram joins the guys to talk about his new tv show Seed on City TV. Also the guys talk about improv in Alberta, the evils of coffee creamer, and the Pope.

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Long time friend of Bellevilles, Zoe Rabnett joins us in the BellPod.  We talk about her rise from comedy fan, to one of the bookers at the largest comedy festival in the world, Just for Laughs. 

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You might know Darrin from Much Musics Video on Trial, CBC's Mr. DEE, or as the host of The Match Game. This guy is everywhere. The guys chat about comedy, life, beards, and marketing! A must listen! 

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Dear friend of the guys, Paul Campbell, swings by the bellpod to chat about Battlestar Galactica, Steve Guttenberg, and his new show Spun OUT!  FYI, there are spoilers! And the spoilers are that this is a hilarious episode! Also, there are actual spoilers.

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The first episode of a new season of Flying Bellevilles Podcast. We discuss hobos, swords, 2013, and Chinese Prejudice. 

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