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June 2018
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When Pat was on the show last month the guys had so much fun chatting with Pat that they asked him to stick around and record another episode.  Here it is! The guys chat about twitter, dogs, and get heavy talking about religion.  This is a special bonus episode. A Bonersode!

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In this episode the guys talk about androids, and lasers. The worlds most interesting child turns up, and a few new segments are taken for a spin.  

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Friend Sean Cullen swings by the BellPod to talk about books, star trek, tv, and alt comedy. New segments are tested out, as well as some old favoirtes.  

Excessive Monkey talk happens.

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Special MINI episode! Jason swings by and visits Ryan on set of the new show he is working on. This is a short Mini episode. New full length episodes back next week!

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This Kids in the Hall alumni is one of North America's funniest character actors. The guys talk about everything from blogging about fruit, to Scott's rebellious past. A very funny conversation, that has some candid moments.

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Pat Thornton is a respected comedian, sketch performer, and improviser. Regarded as one of the funniest people in Canada, he has used his skills to not only make people laugh, but raise a ton of money for Africa AIDS relief by doing 24hours of consecutive stand-up. You can donate by following this link here!

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Dan Redican has worked in so many places in Canada and the US. Jim Henson, Kids in the Hall, Lorne Michaels, and Second City are just some of the topics we cover in this must listen episode.

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Ryan and Jason catch up after Jason gets back from working on a show. 

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World famous improviser Colin Mochrie joins Ryan and Jason for chats, about life, manhood, whose line, and full on WHAT ARE YOU NUTS about Spiderman vs Wolverine. 

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The guys have their first guest on the show. Comedian, and host of CBC's the Debaters, Steve Patterson.  Topics include, What are you nuts, Man questions, Starting out in stand up, and more.... Probably there is more.

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